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"Joan has been an artist all her life, both visually and professionally. In recent years, she has focused on pen and ink as a medium that brings clarity to her subjects; which allows the viewer to see fine details without distraction; and which captures the very essence of the subject, be it a light house, a church, or your home. Joan has an eye for what is beautiful in its simplicity and always sees the possibilities..." 

- J. McGrauth 

Joan can create a custom rendering of your home, your business, or any favorite scene that you would like to remember, share with your friends, use on a holiday greeting, or promote your business with.

Explore this site for examples of Joan's work, information about her artistic process, and hints for providing the best materials for her to use to create your special artwork. 

You can contact Joan at:

Joan Daly

91 Church Hill Road

Cranston, RI 02920

cell: 401-374-4757

email: joan@joandaly.com

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